Classy Tattoos for the Classy Man

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When a man has to be out in the world there are several ways he may choose to convey his ideals and his message. The obvious way one chooses to show off would be the clothing he wears. But what about when you don’t have any clothes on? How can you tell everyone who is looking at you half naked how you feel about life? The simple answer is body art or the more commonly and widely used term, tattoos. A well done tattoo can be an awesome and interesting conversation starter if you are into talking to people about stuff. For the gentleman who has to have his tattoo concealed because of work or for whatever reason there are several choices one can make that can convey your message with the utmost grace and elegance.


Least Popular Tattoo for Men. The Lower Back

Lower back tattoos are really easy to conceal that’s suitable for those who aren’t qualified for wear tattoos at their business office. Men that are employed in offices can decide back tattoo designs that flatter them while they should be certain to not display the tattoos while at work and in reality it is vital that they can conceal their tattoos while while at work and just allow these tattoos become noticeable when they are enjoying down time.

Be Careful Which Tattoo Shop Near You Is Chosen

Tattoos that seemed a good option during the time, frequently may become regrettable mistakes a celebrity. Occasionally the chosen tattoo won’t come out as planned or possibly a change of mind may appear following event. Fortunately there happens to be an answer. We will no longer need to deal with tattoos we’ve grown to dislike, or possibly a tattoo that has been “cool” after you were 19, for the era of 40 may for your requirements be very “uncool”. Be sure yo use a tattoo shop directory similar to to locate a tattoo shop to do your tattoo as this is a permanent non removable decision.

The Sleeve Tattoo

Individuals who like sleeve tattoo designs but who act on the places where work ethic doesn’t approve tattoos – quite often they choose their upper arm for placing their half sleeve design. The reason for which is simple. Such tattoo is a lot safer to hide compared to on arm. Fascinating thing the following is that for that reason people usually pick softer designs for arm plus much more aggressive designs for upper arm. When deciding which 50 % of arm to ink using a half sleeve design, contemplation on various factors like a nature of these job, could possibly be an essential thing in making that decision.

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Luxury Clothing For Men. What To Buy?

When it comes to luxury and elegance, forget the typical mall clothing for a minute. Even if the ads try to tell you something completely different, the most luxurious and elegant clothing for men is almost always classic, especially the evening attire. The trends change just a little bit; jackets become tighter or loosen a bit every few years, same with the trousers. The shape of the boots may change a little bit every season or two. But a few things don’t change – that the classic elegance is still pricey and extremely desired. Check out the few below rules on choosing elegant and luxury clothing that every man should consider when preparing to buy clothes.


1. Choose a classic suit

While Hugo Boss or Giorgio Armani is more than enough to have an excellent suit, if you want to have something top-notch, you may have to invest quite a lot of money. While the most luxurious suits from designers such as William Fioravanti or Ermenegildo Zegna cost around $20,000, you pay mostly for the materials, the work and the name on it as the design itself, while elegant, is 100% what’s classic, no bizarre addons. It should also be custom tailored, regardless of the brand – forget choosing something from the stand.

2. Go for a pair of classic brown shoes

Allen Edmonds, Gucci, Bruno Magli, Salvatore Ferragamo Italia – those are the brands that you want to be looking at. Unless it’s going to be something extremely casual, you should always be choosing classic leather shoes. Make sure that they suit the belt and your overall attire. Although even expensive shoes come in a few different colors, the most elegant shoes are almost always brown, and you should wear black only with a suit that is a good fit for them.

3. Polo Shirts instead of t-shirts

Even you bought a t-shirt worth hundreds of dollars, it’s still just a t-shirt. Unless you choose to wear it under your shirt, you should always choose polo shirts. This year the colorful ivy-league-styled ones aren’t going to be as popular as they used to, but classics from Ralph Lauren will never fall out of fashion. Or at least not for the next dozen or so years, so you are free to invest some money in them.

4. A coat over a leather jacket

Unless your overall attire doesn’t suit a coat, you should always go with it (of course not in the middle of hot summer). Have a thicker one for the winter season and a lighter one for a bit warmer days. Dolce & Gabbana, J.W. Anderson, Hugo Boss and Armani are all good choices. Make sure your coat is not too long as those aren’t trendy since the end of the 90’s. It can be standard or double-breasted, though the latter is usually more formal (the same goes with suits). Don’t choose a hooded one as it’s not as universal as a non-hooded one. If you pick a leather jacket there are not many changes year after year, the classic is still the most elegant and alpha-male.

5. Trousers – leave the jeans in your closet

When choosing pants, make sure that they suit your jacket, shoes, and your belt (though they don’t have to be the same color, just make sure it all looks good together). Whatever you choose – Hugo Boss, Mark Jacobs or Ralph Lauren, make sure you go for classic colors, don’t choose any crazy patterns and select a good material. What’s interesting, pleated pants are coming back so you may look into those too.

6. Don’t forget about a watch.

While some people predict a comeback of casual watches, among men who value their appearance they have never disappeared. The most elegant are still the classic Swiss watches from brands such as Patek Philippe, Breitling, Omega, Tissot and of course Rolex. Having an empty wrist is like having an empty wallet and just doesn’t suit a real man. Choose a leather strap; in fact, you should invest some money in the watch and have a few separate straps that fit your shoes and belt.

7. The brands really matter.

The brands in men’s luxury clothing don’t change and when something becomes considered as a classic it usually stays there. There are two most popular choices. The brands everyone knows, which were mentioned in almost every category throughout the article: Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani – they stay unchanged. The second choice is the top names in the fashion industry who don’t go into as mass production as Boss or Armani, and whose clothes are a few times more expensive than what you can find in a typical “mainstream luxury brand” store. The choice is yours, make sure it suits both your taste and your wallet.

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The Best Cordless Hair Clippers For The Man On The Go

When you are travelling a lot, you want to be able to have the best cordless clippers for travel. You do not want to have to worry about the tangling of a cord or if the clipping will not be any good. This article presents to you the two best cordless clippers for travel, so that you will get the cleanest trim every time you use the best cordless clipper.


The Oster Professional 76550-100 Octane Cordless Clipper

The Oster Octane Cordless Clipper has a quality detachable blade that will give you the precision that you are looking for when you use this high standard quality cordless clipper. The rotary motor is powerful and will last for a very long time, which means that you have a very durable cordless clipper that will last you for a very long time.


There is the inclusion of the strong lithium ion battery and a dual station charger. Batteries for other clippers run out and do not last long, sometimes requiring several purchases a year. But this battery will be strong even when you use the clipper all day. This cordless clipper will truly exceed all your expectations in every area.

You are going to love the power that this device has as it will experience no winding down of the power supply when it is used throughout the day. When it has run out of power, the clipper will turn completely off, though it will not be often that you ever come close to running out of power.


The battery charging station charges one battery at a time. When the clipper has become fully charged and ready for you to use, the optional extra battery can conveniently charge up, so that it will be ready for the next time that you need it.

The Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade, Black (64850)

The Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade, Black (64850) will show you how powerful it is as a cordless clipper as soon as you turn it on to use it. It comes with a highly functional rotary motor for all your clipping needs. This cordless clipper indeed is the most powerful one on the market today in its class.

When the clipper is fully charged, it will run for one hour continuously with no breakage in the power supply. This cordless clipper indeed is the most powerful one on the market today in its class. The battery is able to fully recharge in an hour or less. The battery senses when it needs to be recharged.


The detachable blades are easy to remove for changing the blades, cleaning the blades and to offer styling versatility when a different type of blade is desired be used for different effects. The ceramic edge blade that comes with this device remains cooler than other blades during usage. It is thus a safer clipper to use.

It is very convenient to use for trimming hair, since you will not haves to deal with tangled cords that can be frustrating. The heavy duty storage case that is included protects the device well and makes it easy to take along with you wherever you need to be.

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8 Things You Can Do To Become James Bond. The Manliest Man.

Who hasn’t dreamed of becoming James Bond? While the character stays fictional, there are a few things every man could change in his life to imitate his role model as much as possible. What’s even better, you don’t necessarily need an unlimited bank account to afford all the cars and other toys; you can start with changing a few habits of yours. The following few ideas should help you become as 007 as possible without having to apply for a license to kill:

1. Take care of your looks – that’s a no-brainer here. Both in the novels and in the movies Bond has always taken a good care of the way he looked. Ironed shirts and pants are a must and make sure your belt always fits the (polished and clean!) shoes. Become elegant but stay classic, don’t go for anything fancy or flashy. You can keep your style casual if you don’t like wearing suits, but make sure it’s all well put together. A t-shirt with your favorite cartoon character or a funny slogan has to go away.

2. Stay fit – swim, jog and hit the gym. Sell your TV if you have to and exchange half an hour in front of it for a half an hour on your legs running or in the swimming pool polishing your crawl stroke. If you can, you could even sign up for a martial arts course. You have to know how to defend women and yourself.

3. Speaking of women – always treat them with respect. But don’t let them control you. You don’t have to sleep with every woman that you meet. If you are in a relationship, respect your better half but keep a healthy distance and leave some space for yourself. Even then, stay a gentleman for all the women on your way – avoid swearing, remember to open the doors and let them go through first. Don’t argue with feminists who tell you it’s old-fashioned and insulting to women. You shouldn’t care.

4. Learn the art of small talk – Have you’ve ever noticed that Bond is capable of saying something in every situation? While in the movies it’s all thanks to the script, in reality, you shouldn’t be far from that. Knowing how to initiate a conversation with strangers or even people who are hostile towards you can open a whole lot of doors in your life. Learn the art of listening too, as it’s listeners not talkers people admire the most. You should still learn how to tell compelling stories, though, especially those that make people keep asking for more. Don’t make up fantasy stories about your life and bravery; people will spot that sooner or later.

5. Travel abroad as much as you can and learn about other cultures. Do you know what made bond so effective on his secret missions? He tried to admire different cultures and use what’s best in the place he arrived at to his needs. Learn at least a few words in the most common languages such as Spanish, German and of course Russian (even though you most likely won’t have to deal with former KGB agents in real life). In fact, you should learn a few words of a language that is spoken in the country you are going to. That helps in making friends and impresses locals a whole lot.


6. Read people like an open book. Find out as much as you can about influence and body language. Always try to be one step ahead of the people you are dealing with but don’t let them feel you’re smarter than you are; quite the opposite. That leaves them vulnerable to your observation and influence and allows you to stay a bit in the shadow – that’s what every secret agent should strive to do.

7. Find out your favorite drink and stick to it – it doesn’t have to be “shaken not stirred”, but having your own classic is an excellent way to build social proof. Especially if you go to a bar with a great woman and the bartender asks “the usual” and gives you something better than a beer or a shot.

8. Have a lot of discipline but stay cool – The fact that you dress more elegant than others doesn’t mean you should be rude to others. Quite the opposite. Maintain a healthy level of self-esteem and be cool about who you are. Don’t let the fun undermine your work – stay professional and always finish what you started. And keep promises – that tells a lot about a man.

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When Should a Man Wear Socks?

To wear socks, or not to wear socks has been a controversial and much debated topic for decades. As style has evolved over the years, the fashion conscious man has struggled to keep up with all the rule changes regarding sock protocols and what is acceptable and what is just wrong! This article will look at the current sock rules and trends in various social situations to make sure perfectly styled outfits aren’t spoiled by inadvertently committing a massive sock wearing blunder. Here are a few sock rules a man should live by:


Rule #1 Sports Socks

Sports socks perform several functions; their main purpose is to improve performance during physical activity but they also absorb sweat and protect the feet from injury. To prevent using sports socks for other activities buy them in white or bright colours so that you don’t accidentally wear them with your smart dress shoes.

Rule #2 Dress Socks

Talking of dress shoes, dress socks are the only choice when it comes to cultivating a style for formal situations such as a business meeting or special occasion. Dress socks tend to be in dark colours like black, charcoal, gray, brown or burgundy; or tan and blue for light colored suits. They tend to be made using fine material like silk or cashmere and should match the colour of your trousers; not your shoes, to make your outfit look suave and urbane.

Rule #3 Protective Socks

Protective socks are usually crafted from heavily woven fibers which provide insulation or perform other functions such as keeping feet warm when wet. They can be quite bulky; thick, padded, knee-length socks are created for skiing or hiking, to keep the heat in whilst absorbing moisture. However this is not always the case, some socks are almost invisible; like the thin, low-cut cotton socks which are more suitable for running.

Rule #4 Casual Socks

Socks which have snazzy designs, bright colorful characters or other novelty embellishments are fine for just lounging around the house when you’re chilling out. However, they can come across as quite childish or immature and so would definitely be a poor choice to wear for work or in situations where you feel you need to be taken seriously. They should also be avoided for social occasions like a night out with friends or a date with a new love interest.

Rule #5 No Socks!

There are certain occasions when it’s best to avoid socks altogether. It is still a big fashion faux pas to wear socks with sandals. The same goes for shorts; if you wear them with socks then it will make your legs look shorter. If you’re heading to the beach, ditch the socks and unless your feet are really gross, there’s no room for socks in bed either!

There has been a trend lately where some rebel fashionistas have thrown away all the rules and gone sock-less in the name of style, however there are some very good reasons why this is a bad idea:

  • Athletes Foot – Going without socks will make your feet sweat into your shoes and this creates the moist and warm environment for bacteria to grow.
  • Stinky Feet – If you don’t wear socks, you are inevitably giving your feet a bath in their own stench for several hours a day and although your shoes may soak up some of the moisture, it will leave them smelling foul too.
  • Skin Problems – Letting your feet go commando is likely going to cause chafing, blisters and cracked skin caused by your feet rubbing against the material of your shoes without the protective layer of your socks.

Not many people give a second thought to the socks they wear but they are an important element of defining your look and the impression you give to others. If you wear socks that don’t match or that are full of holes, what kind of message are you sending out? You need to think about your feet and which socks are appropriate for each situation so that you’re prepared no matter what the occasion. Whether you need to create a professional image for a business meeting or want to go on a trek up a mountain, make sure you take care of your feet by wearing suitable socks.

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Tips for Wearing Male Jewelry

Men have been wearing jewelry for centuries. Some prefer a more rococo or ornate appearance while others like to keep it simple. There are ways to use men’s jewelry which complement an outfit and overall appearance. While not all men use these accents, when a few basic rules are followed, jewelry can be used as attractive enhancements to any man’s appearance.


Simple is the best approach

If you’re new to accessorizing it is best to start off with a few simple pieces until you get the hang of it. Wrist watches are excellent examples of simple jewelry for men. They come in a broad range of styles, colors and materials. Matching the color and texture of the watch with your clothing is key in getting the best look. If you wear a ring, try matching the metal tone so they go together. If your ring is gold then gold colored band or gold accents on the watch face will work and so forth.

Which colors work together

Matching metals is important but also knowing which colors go well with clothing is necessary. Gold tones are warm and they tend to work best with other warm colors such as yellows, tans, browns and earthier tones. Silvers and grays work well with blues, grays and other cooler colors. White, black and gray are more neutral and they are generally compatible with most other colors.

Matching the mood and tone

Sharp business attire requires light jewelry accents or it could look tacky and overdone. Keep the colors more along the lines of grays, silvers and blacks for a sleeker more refined appearance. Gold is color that will change the mood of a formal gray, blue or black ensemble. Too much jewelry can also detract from a professional tone.

Casual wear

Warmer jewelry including gold, copper, bronze and lighter colors are more fun and open. These are the most appropriate for casual dress. The benefit of copper with denim jeans is that they often complement the rivets and buttons which are used in the construction of the jeans.

Keeping it masculine

Jewelry that contains precious or semiprecious stones should be kept to a minimum. They have a feminine quality that can make a man appear to be a show off or have poor taste in accessorizing. Turquoise and silver jewelry is an exception that is popular and acceptable in southwestern style casual dress. Cuff links and tie tacks with single stones are also within the realm of acceptable accessorization.

Wear age appropriate men’s jewelry

If you’re in your late teens or early twenties then leather is an acceptable form of accouterments. Older men may want to avoid jewelry made of leather. There are some new styles trending with items made from bone and wood for the middle aged and older crowd that seem to be catching on in popularity.

Final thoughts

Jewelry that has been designed for use by men can add an attractive accent to the outfit that is being worn. The general rule of thumb is the simpler, the better. Matching colors and tones to an ensemble can further create a mood such as business, elegance or casual laid back. Men have these tools in their arsenal to use as enhancements to reinforce the demeanor that they want to project on any given day.

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The Style of Man Shines For an Eternity

A well dressed man has the power to potentially take over the world.  Think about it, when was the last time you told a well dressed man no? More than likely you have not in a very long time.  The reason behind this is simple, when you respect someone visually you respect whatever they say to you and take them as an authority in whatever subject you are discussing. This is the power of social prejudice. You are quicker to give someone who is appealing to the eyes what they want than you are to someone who offends the eyes. Its basic psychology people.

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